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Del Gavio Marine Hydraulics Inc.

In today's industry where decisions for design and repair of equipment begin on the bottom line, cost effective solutions and quality work are in great demand. Companies are looking to find a reliable source that will offer work of the highest quality at a competitive price. They need a company that will do a job right the first time and stand by their work. Del Gavio Marine Hydraulics Inc. is that company. Since 1980, Del Gavio has been providing solutions to the design and repair needs of the maritime industry.



Services for the maritime industry include all aspects of shipboard hydraulic system design, installation, and repair of machinery such as fuel oil and lube oil pumps, winches, gangways, anchor windlasses, hatch covers and cranes. Also included are steering gear systems, valves, watertight doors, and pneumatic systems

More recently, Del Gavio has extended their services to a complete industrial array for our customers. Experienced hydraulic and electrical technicians provide on-site troubleshooting and repair services. These services include hydraulic repairs such as fittings, overhaul of pumps, hydraulic hoses, motors, cylinders, and valves.